Monday, November 29, 2010

{martha monday} perfect packaging for pantry presents

Say that title 5 times fast! Ahhhh, we are once again upon the season of giving! I know a common gift to give is baked goods. Martha offers a great assortment of clip art on her website and I have rounded up some of my favorite food centered clip art---a great way to take your gift from so-so to over the top special!

Spice Displays

What a great gift for the aspiring baker or chef in the family--visual harmony for all those spices! Grab some empty jars and make labels for all of their go-to spices or give them a fresh set.

Freezer Labels

How cute are these labels?!? Never have to guess again what something is or when did it get put in the freezer! A perfect hostess gift to bring to the big get togethers this season because we all know there will be leftovers!

Cook's Helper

This is a must have handy chart! I am always wondering how many tablespoons are in x amount of ounces. I actually have a sticky note on the fridge with 1 Tablespoon = 3 Teaspoons. This would definitely look way cuter on my fridge! Laminate & add a quick magnet to the back--maybe even punch a hole in the top and tie it on to one of your baked goodies!

Cookie Gift Sleeve

Using regular paper CD envelopes and the label printable, a sweet package is born! A tip I found through the comment section is to wrap the cookie in plastic wrap prior to it being placed in the sleeve. This will help keep grease marks off the package. I really liked using them as "favors" to the hospital staff after the birth of a child. What a "sweet" thank you!

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