Monday, November 15, 2010

{martha monday} gift wrap

Happy Monday!

After walking around stores this past week and looking at the Christmas decor being put out. I started thinking about how I wanted to wrap my presents. I want them to coordinate with my decor --that is currently sitting in boxes! I see so many fun & different kinds of wrapping paper that I want to do all kinds of themes. I especially love aqua and red. I love to use real ribbon on gifts and make them all fancy.
Growing up we were lucky to get bows on our gifts. I guess the need to be "pretty" goes away when you have 4 kids to wrap for! My parents wouldn't put names on our gifts since we would figure out what they were. Instead, they would number them 1-? What cruelty! lol.
I decided the theme for Martha Monday will be gift wrap! The queen of crafty will always have some great ideas!

Love this wrapping paper! What a great way to personalize each gift! Blueprint did a great job designing it!

How innovative! What a great way to package a gift! The yule logs are tres chic!

What a sweet touch to a gift. The doilies would be great touch especially if your Christmas decor is victorian or snowflake inspired.

Ok, definitely on a wood grain kick! I love this wrapping paper! "Wood" I be insane to attempt to do this? It would definetly go with my christmas decor! ---Which is browns, golds, naturesque decor. Sorry about the corny joke hehe!



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