Monday, December 13, 2010

{martha monday} centerpiece ideas

Have I been lazy lately? Why yes I have.... Sorry to all! Now on to Martha Monday!

Do you remember these?!? I remember doing these in kindergarden. My thumbs would hurt from putting all the cloves in. Needless to say mine didn't look as chic!

Aren't these darling?!? I found these a few weeks ago & have loved them everytime I see them! It's so simple to make, but such a cute touch! Find the details here!

I definitely could make this work for my theme. I would probably would use a glitter (gulp) sage leaf instead of evergreen, but I do like the twigs!

Don't you see these feather trees everywhere?!? Thank you Martha for providing a tutorial! An easy and inexpensive way to create them. Take that pier one! ;)




  1. Love those twig nameplate holders. Totally fit my wedding theme.

    Also, really love those ribbon nameplates. Super cute & easy, just not matching my theme :) I'll have to have a party or something and use them haha

  2. i'm loving the twig placecards too! martha has it all!