Friday, October 22, 2010

happy {free}day!

Happy Friday to all!

I've decided that each Friday will FREEday! I will feature FREE printables from the web and especially from all of the oh-s0-fabulous blogs out there! All of the printables featured were created by others (unless stated otherwise) so please take the time to visit their blogs to see all of the other fantastic things that they do!

I am hosting a pumpkin carving party this weekend, and it is my inspiration for this week's FREE printables! I am going to share some of the ones I used, and that you will see featured later when I upload my party.

This great printable is designed by the lovely Jessica at Craftily Ever After. I purchased napkins with the same saying--so of course I needed to use the printable! I needed it in black to match my napkins. My wonderful friend Krissy from Trendy Henry converted it for me!

I also used this lovely free printable from the "HowDoesShe?" blog. I wrapped all the mini candy bars for the upcoming party. A great thing to do while watching Glee :)HowDoesShe printables are available exclusively to their readers. Simply sign up for their mailing list and they will automatically be sent to you!

I also used this wonderful vintage pumpkin from Matthew Mead as part of my invitations. It was my inspiration piece for the party--in deciding to do more classic/vintage elements in my decor instead of commercial halloween. If you click on the link above, it will also feature other great FREE printables for more decor!

I hope you enjoyed all that I have shared with you! Have a great weekend!


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  1. So glad you like my printable! Thanks for featuring it! :)