Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{party envy} back to school birthday bash

Sorry I have been so AWOL! I have been incredibly busy this past week with work, and getting ready to go to our market in Orlando, FL next week which will be followed by a *much deserved* tiny vacay to Walt Disney World!

I am uber excited I have never been to Disney World and I am looking forward to fufilling a childhood dream. Teacups, here I come!!!

Anywho....I have found a darling birthday party on the ever-so-fabulous-&-talented Amy Atlas' blog. Leoni @ Just Call Me Martha created this party for her daughter's 4th birthday. I am beginning to think that Australia is PACKED FULL of talented people. I always spot great parties and ideas from down under....

Bake Sale Party 1

Look at that tablescaping!!! Clean with great details. I really like that all the surfaces are essentially one giant chalk board. GREAT idea to use flash cards as a banner, fits the theme perfectly!

Bake Sale Party 2

Using books as stands, writing in chalk, using pencils in place of popsicle sticks in the candy apples = love. PS - All of the items are edible. Those crayons on the far right? Yep, those too...Leoni has a tutorial showing you how to make them.

Bake Sale Party 3

Bake Sale Party 4

Custom hats & napkins as well as library bags which are hanging on the back of the seats. They each contain a book about apples, perfect touches!

Bake Sale Party 5

What's a party without goody bags?!? Edible crayons are my favorite take-home-goodie from this party.

Great job Leoni! You have created a fantastic birthday party that is easily transitional into a party for back-2-school, teacher's appreciation, or even a college graduation (education major of course!)



PS ***Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Mother :)


  1. This is definitely one of my faves!!! So happy Leoni used some of our freebie printable and made them look so out of this world gorgeous!!


  2. Thank you for the lovely feature Amanda, that was very sweet of you :-)
    As Bird said, I used her free printables from her Bird's Party blog and they were a huge inspiration to me (along with gorgeous and talented Amy Atlas's back to school feature)
    This party was so much fun to create, love doing it for my little girl.