Thursday, February 10, 2011

{notions and notes} what a wonder of a woman

This post has nothing to do with anything crafty, DIY, or party related. It's just my thoughts...That is what a blog is for, right?!? I was super excited to receive this in my mailbox yesterday:

Wonder Woman is a HUGE favorite of mine. Do i need to dig the WW Barbie out of storage? Just Kidding! Who else is a favorite of mine? MAC Cosmetics! That is basically what my makeup bag consists of is all MAC goodies. With names like "Spirit of Truth" and "Army of Amazons", the new Spring 2011 collection really captures the "spirit" and colors of Wonder Woman.

Interested in checking it out? MAC Cosmetics is the place to go! I personally am digging the "Defiance" eyeshadow collection.

That is all ;)


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