Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{delish dish} chocolate peanut butter torte

Chocolate PB Torte with Chocolate Ganache

 Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte
A crunchy, rich peanut butter mousse in an Oreo crust that is topped with a chocolate ganache & peanuts.

It's easy to say that this is a scrumptious & to-die-for dessert! Annie @ Annie's Eats is the master chef behind this recipe adaptation for this peanut butter & chocolate combination goodness - check out her blog for directions & the recipe to create your very own delectable dessert!

*Tip: this is a rich & thick dessert and served with milk would be an added bonus!

Here are my takes on the dessert:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte

Here's my first attempt at the recipe. I made it for a labor day cookout - cook-in rather since it was raining!

Chocolate PB Torte - Bake Sale 1

Chocolate PB Torte - Bake Sale 2

It was sooooo good that I decided to make it for the "bake for a cure" event at work along with my cake pop assortments. I jazzed up the box with a pinkalicious bow & pearls and some pink damask tissue paper as a liner.

Since I consider myself rather a novice & average at my baking skills, I thought I would pass along my tips & techniques for making this torte:
 * Annie already increased the Oreo count for the crust in the recipe instructions, but I felt like it could have even MORE Oreos crushed for the crust. I felt like I had to stretch it to get the crust high. The perfectionist in me wanted the crust to be even on the top, but that didn't end up happening - just smooth the ganache to the sides :) Besides, can you ever have too many Oreos? If you end up with too many, just whip up a few Oreo ball truffles ---yum!

* I didn't use espresso powder in mine because 1. I didn't have any & 2. I couldn't quickly locate it in the store. I am a lover of coffee but not necessarily frozen or coffee-flavored goods so I am not sure how I would feel about it being coffee infused. 

* Cream cheese at room temperature is key for easy mixing - I kept forgetting to set it out!

* I brought the cream to a boil while I started my chocolate melting. I felt as if they came to a boil/melt at the same time.

* I hold a deep appreciation for a KitchenAid mixer and what it does *not that I have one* I didn't have a whisk attachment the first go around for my mixer and had to whisk the whipped cream by hand and lets just say my arm was sore for days!

I hope you find yourself inspired & hungry!



  1. Oh my goodness! That looks absolutely sinful! What a great cause to bake it for, too!

  2. Hi Amanda!
    that looks delish!! Hey did you get your Handmade Gift Exchange partner assignment email? Your partner llysa said she can't get in touch with you. Can you email her or me to touch base?