Monday, September 12, 2011

{fab finds} we're all a bit mad here. . .

In honor of my best friend & kindred spirit's little girl turning one this weekend, I am making this week's posts theme follow suit with her party: Madi Hatter in ONE-derland! 

{Here is the party post from Tootie's baby shower that I threw for Lil' Miss Madi Beth!}

I've always had a soft spot for tea parties & I love that Alice in Wonderland took the party scene by storm. Here is a mini-round up of ideas that would be wonderful & whimsical touches to any tea party, bright & colorful or shabby chic!

Teacup Topiary

This paper rose tea cup topiary is just perfect! It is by Orchard House Creation on etsy, but is unfortunately already sold!

This could easily be recreated by using a teacup planter, Spanish moss as a filler, a dowel rod stem, and a Styrofoam ball covered in a multitude of roses made out of different, double-sided scrapbook pieces of paper. Embellish with a few glittered up butterflies!

Ruffle Cupcake Toppers

Another etsy find, Ruffle cupcake toppers in a various shades of pink add a romantic touch of nostalgia to any spread of sweets. The variety set by Jean Knee comes with 10 dainty toppers for your soiree.

Teacup Centerpiece

Tea Party Heart Doilies
                                {MS image sources}

Martha always has ideas for every occasion!
Collect cups & saucers, stack them high (secured with museum wax), and place votive candles and flowers on each set for a graceful, inexpensive centerpiece.

Get the how-to on making these heart doilies that also resemble flowers! Make them in various shades & sizes to add interest to your table top. The "Queen" would prefer them RED not WHITE ;)

Wonderland Party Shabby Chic Tablescape

This is a truly WONDERful WONDERLAND party thrown by Kasey Buick for her daughter Lola. She used mainly items that she already had on hand for a BEAUTIFUL budget friendly soiree. Visit her site to check out even more details and breath-taking pictures. I especially love the wonderland banner in its circus font and range of colors, the kraft & polka dot pom, and of course the furniture!

I feel like these party beauties help set the tone for the rest that is yet to come this week!

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